Instructions & Guidelines

We hope that you are all coping the best way possible and staying safe at home in this time of Covid19. Special thank you to students who participated in the Beta Testing of “danceScape@home” LIVE Online Classes. Virtual Classrooms for Winter 2020 Students are now LIVE.

With the beta test now complete, we GO LIVE March 23rd with the remaining two to three weeks of the WInter 2020 classes, all ONLINE at www.dancescape.TV

This online learning will be included as a BONUS for the remainder of your term as we continue to restructure our Studio Services and Policies. Winter 2020 Students will receive video REPLAY access of their classes. (You will still have credit for remaining “In-Studio” makeup sessions, as well as “In-Studio” Practice Pass once Health authorities indicate that face-to-face social gatherings can resume safely. For Annual flexplan Student Members, Virtual Classrooms are already included in danceScape’s Video App bonus.)

Instructions: “As Easy as 1-2-3”

  • STEP 1: Go to and select “Winter 2020 Virtual Classroom Schedule”, Click on the TIME of your Winter 2020 Registered Group lesson (We have tried to maintain Online Lessons on the same day that they would normally occur, but some times have been adjusted to an earlier slot such as Salsa and Ballroom Open Variations.)
  • STEP 2: Fill in the registration form (Name, Email, Telephone only) and wait to receive the lesson notification in your mailbox. 
  • STEP 3: Shortly before your class is to start, you will receive a reminder notice. Click on the link and join us for your LIVE Lesson in our Virtual Classroom!

Now more than ever, it is important to keep your mind focused and engaged, and to keep your body moving. To de-stress, maintain fitness, have a support system of friends, and continue to find inspiration and fun!  

If you happen to miss the LIVE Class, just Email and we will send you a Video REPLAY that you can access, as all Registered students will now receive these Class Videos for the remainder of the term. 

Please remember that students not on Annual flexplans can support our efforts by subscribing to the danceScape App at www.dancescape.TV/app. We appreciate any support you may wish to give. We have discounted regular prices in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tip & Recommendations

Device Recommendations:
Our Beta Test Students joined us on everything from their mobile phones, to ipad’s to their 60 inch TV’s in their living rooms.  

On the audio side, some found that using a bluetooth device for audio helped to be able to increase their sound. So for example, if you happen to have a Bose player, or another bluetooth enabled speaker, this would help. Others had perfect sound and some had to just make sure their volume was turned up on their own devices.

On the video side, if you happen to have a TV that you can cast/mirror via Chromecast (Android) or AppleTV, then this will be the largest image.  Laptops with wired Internet Access and those with Fibre Wifi had the best quality videos. However iPad’s have worked very well and in a pinch your regular mobile device. 

If you have older technology (i.e., more than 5 years), you can still try to Access with your Internet Browser, but if you should find the connection slow or images cutting out, then no worries. We will make Videos available after the lesson.

If you are not used to Web Video Conferencing/ Livestreaming, please let us know and we will help get you on the system … after all, this is what we did in our corporate jobs before we left to start teaching!

Space in Your Home – Recommendations:
Depending on which programme you are in and Dance Style you are learning, you may want to move around furniture or find an appropriate size room in your home. 

Online Fitness classes such as danceTONE and danceFLOW qigong/ taichi, take up less space. Remember to have a chair on hand for danceFLOW.  

Online Salsa classes (Beginners & Open Variations) also can be done in smaller spaces!

Open Variations Ballroom, featuring the Samba does not need large space, even though this dance does travel a bit. For the Waltz, we will segment into smaller modules.

Ballroom Technique this term focuses on International Foxtrot and some students have used their hallway/corridor for the Feather Step and Three Step as these are linear travelling steps. We will also be able to give more technical and styling tips such as shaping and footwork which we planned on covering in the last two weeks! 

Virtual Practice sessions: In this new format, we will be able to offer Online Practice on both Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm.  While practising at Home, you can request to be seen on your Webcam/Camera and we can give you visual tutoring tips and answer any questions you may have, while watching you do the steps online!

If you have any questions or concerns about coming online with us, please let us email or call 905 633-8808, and we will work with you to make sure that this is a seamless transition. 

Shall we Dance Online?  
Robert and Beverley