21st Wedding Anniversary – Robert & Beverley

Finally managed to transfer 1993 Wedding Video (Highlights) (does anyone still remember Beta/VHS? Hahahah!).

Celebrating 21 years (1993-2014). Think I didn’t get much sleep the night before when figuring out what to say for the Groom’s speech. Happy Anniversary, Beverley Cayton-Tang!

Some of our students and others like Lyne may have noticed we only did a basic Social Foxtrot. The reason we did that was because we did figure everyone would have wanted to see us do Championship Ballroom Dancing stuff, but alas, we wanted to dance for ourselves. We had just come in from a heavy competition season and it just felt too much like we were dancing for everyone else. After our honeymoon, we were back to competing again so all the more reason to do what felt right for us at the time!

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