30th Wedding Anniversary Surprise Line Dance

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary for Beverley (SURPRISE!!!) and thanks to everyone who contributed to this “last minute” surprise Line Dance Video for Beverley! May 1, 1993 – 2023 An original Line Dance to “I Guess That’s Love” as sung by Hayley Verrall. Pulled an “all nighter”, hahaha. Let’s see when she notices!

Our Wedding Dance song, May 1, 1993, was “What a Wonderful World” (Louis Armstrong). 30 Years Later … our favourite new singer (Iam Tongi, American Idol, May 1, 2023) sang this as we wound down the day of our 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration… …

At the time, we were competing so much (think the next Canadian or possibly Provincial Ballroom Dance Championship was coming up after our honeymoon – or maybe it was a fundraiser for one of the World Championships by a local dance club) that we wanted to do a very “SLOW” dance.

A lot of family/guests thought we probably were going to break out into our championship Ballroom moves, hahahah – but no, we decided for ourselves that we didn’t want to perform/do a show. We wanted to keep the moment for ourselves in a basic high school shuffle. We joke with our Wedding students that we are teaching them to do more than we ever did for our own first dance!

Also, Synchronicity with our dear friend, Lynn D. who gave us the mug when Beverley went in for surgery.


  • Judy Mun-Pin Tang (Mom) – November 28, 1938 to August 5th, 2012
  • Derek R. Cayton – June 13, 1929 – May 1, 2015
  • Edna Cayton – February 5, 1930 – August 25, 2022

If you would like to learn our 30th Anniversary Line Dance, I Guess That’s Love (Hayley Verrall), please see the demo and instructional video below from our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/dancescapeTVLive:

APRIL 29th, 2023 Original Request

As some of you may know, Beverley has been recovering from major surgery during the past few weeks. Monday, May 1st happens to be our 30th Wedding Anniversary and as a “last minute” surprise, I am putting together a fun “Happy 30th Anniversary” Video that would include Video greetings, and/or a short dance segment submission! NEW Line Dance – “I Guess That’s Love”

One of our associates/friends is Country Singer/Song Writer, Hayley Verrall. (You may remember Hayley when we invited her to sing at some of our danceTONE and ChaCha classes during Covid.) She has just released a new song, “I Guess That’s Love”, which have wonderful lyrics for a 30th Wedding Anniversary Song. I have created a “Beginners” Line Dance sequence, that has instruction for 7 short individual segments that make up the choreography (you don’t have to do the entire choreography, please feel free to do any portion of the segments).

Go to our NEW Community Page to post your Anniversary Greetings and/or attach your dancing video (by Sunday, April 30th, early afternoon, if possible). Greetings will then be incorporated in the surprise Video (will post on all our Social Media sites). OR, Email to [email protected].

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Best Regards, Robert
P.S. Also, in 2 years – 2025 – will mark danceScape’s 25th Anniversary as a Club/Studio in downtown Burlington and we will soon be announcing some fun events to celebrate this milestone! Join our new Community page for more upcoming news!

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