Selina’s Graduation at Athabasca & Visit with the Lims in Edmonton

Congratulations to Selina Tang-Brudnicki who graduated with her MBA from Athabasca University on June 8th, 2013, and to Aaron Tang for being such a great dad who, with Judy, helped inspire both Selina & Robert to go through Business Graduate School!

Thanks to Tamara Lim, Ryan Beaubien, Eric Lim, Richard & Tan Lim, and Archie Lim for a wonderful time in Edmonton. The food at Lazia, East, and Wildflowers were awesome, it is no wonder that your restaurants have won rave reviews and awards. Special thanks also to Archie Lim for Badminton Bootcamp, as well as the dance photos of grandparents.

[Synchronicity – June 7 to 10th, 2013 Weekend: Only a small branch of the plant (which blossomed one flower on the day after mom’s funeral) survived the winter. But a new blossom has appeared during the weekend of Selina’s Graduation. As one flower appears to fade, another appears to take its place … and on and on. Such is the cycle of life. 🙂 ]

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