Breakdancing Lesson 1: Warm up, Top Rock Series

Nathan,( B Boy Zen) a renowned breakdancer teaches at breakdancing schools in the city but realizes that breakdancing is a dance that can be learned from any place at any time. learning breakdancing is not restricted to a dance studio. Very few people learn how to breakdance in studios. This lesson teaches you the basics, step by step, to learning breakdancing.

You learn the Warm up:


-touching the toes
-jog in place
-stretch arms behind back
-side to side arm stretch
-lay down leg stretch
-touch toes seated
-butterfly stretch

Then you will learn all of the Top Rock Series through expert step by step instruction.
Top Rock: Indian Step
Top Rock: Salsa Step
Top Rock: Rocksteady
Top Rock Brooklyn Rock
Top Rock: Bronxrock

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