Full #danceScape #fitinthecore #360Video #VR @DTBurlingtonON – @CHCHNews @morninglive @timbolen @FFHANDCO

For danceScape Video Segment Highlight – See Timestamp from 17.10 to 23.09!

‪#‎danceScape‬ ‪#‎fitinthecore‬ @DTBurlingtonON @CHCHNews @morninglive. Tune in Tues May 24, 7.45 – 9:00 a.m. on CHCH Television. danceScape’s Beverley Cayton-Tang, Robert Tang Beverley Cayton-Tang, Lucinda Venter and last but not least, Maryla Syta highlighted danceTONE Fitness with Tim Bolen.

Many thanks to Tim Bolen @timbolen and France Fontana Hart @FFHANDCO for the fun filming! Special thanks to Samantha Statham & Brian Dean from Downtown Burlington Business Association for including danceScape and all the other Fitness trainers and companies who participated in the filming this morning!

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