Fear of Heights? Tim Horton’s Bag Always Helps

When my mom passed away, dad would spend a lot of time at Tim Hortons, using their Internet connection, but also enjoying his Dutchie (which he was disappointed when this was taken off the menu) and his French Vanilla Cappuccino Coffee (which thankfully is STILL on the menu! 😉 ).

This year, I set out to form the “Skyhiclub” and begin creating “Bucket List” experiences. My goal is to help people recognize that Life can be short and that we can face our fears and live life to the fullest.

I have always been afraid of heights, so had set off to try to conquer this fear with friends by going up to the CN Tower, and “Dancing on the Edge” at “Edgewalk” — 1,168 feet above Toronto. And who would be there to support this effort but my Dad, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Wife, and students/friends from our Ballroom Dance Studio, danceScape.

My wife and I are former 3-time Canadian and 2-time North American Ballroom Champions, and thought it would be fun to “Dance on the Edge” at the CN Tower Edgewalk, 116 building stories above Toronto!

Thankfully, my Tim Horton’s Bag helped me get through this … (and we did manage to do a little dancing on the Edge!)

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