danceFLOW QiGong/TaiChi at Silver & Gold Magazine’s #GoodLivingShow

danceScape recently demonstrated its “danceFLOW QiGong/TaiChi” at Silver & Gold Magazine’s #goodlivingshow at the Art Gallery of Burlington. danceFLOW is a fusion of QiGong/Taichi with gentle breathing, stretching, toning and guided meditation exercises to inspirational #dance music (e.g., Indigenous/Ethnic, Middle Eastern, Argentine Tango, Cuban Rumba, English Waltz, Classical Ballet). This program is particularly suited to those who want to experience a gentler but empowering form of fitness and exercise, as well as anyone living with Pain, Chronic Pain or other Accessibility challenges (e.g., Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Paraplegia). Some portions of the class may involve seated breathing and meditation exercises.

danceScape also has a fitness program called “danceTONE”, a FUN higher cardio workout that incorporates Ballroom, Salsa/Latin, Swing/Jive and other dance steps. Warm-Up begins with “QiGong/TaiChi-based” breathing and stretching exercises followed by a fun fusion of easy-to-learn Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Charleston, Swing/Jive, Tango steps that strengthen, tighten and slim the arms, abs, buns, thighs and calves. Styling exercises are also incorporated for those wanting to quickly improve their dancing. No previous dance experience necessary! Open to BOTH Women & Men! No dance experience necessary!

Video Credits: Nicholas Brudnicki, Lucinda Bester Venter
Photo Credits: Selina Tang-Brudnicki, Lucinda Bester Venter

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