danceScape Presents Alexsandra & Damian – In Honour of Sarah Taylor & Keith Childerhose

Footloose & Fancy Feast VI: “The Golden Age of Hollywood” fundraiser was held on Thursday, November 14th. [Video Part 2]

In honour of Keith Childerhose and Sarah Taylor’s Life Achievement Award (see Video Part 1), and as a thank you to danceScape Students and guests who supported the event, we have a special surprise.

danceScape takes great pride in showcasing new or emerging talent, whether it’s some of the instructors that have been invited to teach at the studio, or special guest performers such as tonight’s feature performers, Alexsandra & Damian.

Alex and Damian compete internationally and have been Canadian and North American Latin Championship finalists, among other accomplishments in many other international events. They are emerging talents in Canadian Professional DanceSport.

The FIRST dance that they perform is the CHA CHA CHA. The SECOND dance that Alex and Damian perform is the RUMBA, the dance of LOVE.

They currently teach at the Continental Dance Club in Mississauga, one of the longest running clubs in Ontario if not Canada. The Continental Dance Club, managed by Managing Director, Brian Torner, a world champion trainer & choreographer, a 15-time world championship adjudicator plus a champion ballroom dancer with an impressive history. Visit for more information.

The Continental Dance Club is hosting a Dinner & Showcase on Saturday, December 14th so if you are interested in another danceScape Social Dance Outing, please see Robert Tang Beverley Cayton-Tang or HannaH Lodewyks to sign up at your next class, E-mail [email protected] or call 905 633-8808 if you wish to be part of a danceScape Table.

Alex and Damian slip into “something a little more comfortable” while the next Life Achievement Awards continue (see Video 3).

Footloose & Fancy Feast was brought to you by danceScape, Downtown Burlington, Ontario, Carol Rame Weddings and Special Events, and Pat’s Pats Party Rentals.

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