Dancing is Life. Meet danceScape Warrior & Ovarian Cancer Survivor Carol Eastwood (Episode 2)

“Dancing is Life. It is. It is Life! You have a slow dance. You have a fast dance. A long dance. A short dance…”

Meet danceScape Warrior and Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Carol Eastwood and husband, Bob.

“I worry about him as a caregiver and he’s looking at me physically – he saw my pain… I wanted to find an outlet where we could do something that had nothing to do with cancer. We’re doing it to be together, to exercise, and to laugh. We like to laugh. Giggle!”

Watch Episode 2 of their story of love and determination. And how their sons, family, and friends – as well as Faith and Ballroom Dancing – helped this special couple through their most challenging of times.

Ovarian Cancer can be Beaten. The more you hear stories about Warrior students like Carol Eastwood and her husband Bob from the danceScape Community, the more you’ll recognize that we can inspire, learn and support each other through this journey called life. #shallwedance?

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