dTVLive Ep 20190925 – Quicky #Morningbreak (Music-Dance-Fitness) at/from work with #RobertBeverley

Take a quicky music & dance #morningbreak at/from work with #RobertBeverley @danceScape ( Daily at 10.20 am (EST) Mon – Sat. Subscribe and tune in to new daily webisodes directly on our youtube page! #dancescapeTVLive#shallwedance?


Welcome to danceScape’s NEW 10:20 a.m. daily #morningbreak show. Inspiring you to discover your inner rhythm so you can shine on the dance floor at social events, work, and in life! #shine with #RobertBeverley

Free Weight Quicky Exercise (this section did not record 🙁 ) Quicky danceFLOW qigong/taichi Breathing Exercise at Work Quicky Music Tutorial Merengue – Fireball by Pitbull featuring John Ryan Rumba – Besame Mucho by Andrea Bocelli Quicky Turning Exercise Merengue – Continuous Cuddle/Pretzel Rumba – Switch/Spot Turn

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