dTVLive Ep 20191009 – Quicky Fitness/Music/Dance #Morningbreak with #RobertBeverley @danceScape

Welcome to danceScape’s NEW 10:20 a.m. daily #morningbreak show. Inspiring you to discover your inner rhythm so you can shine on the dance floor at social events, work, and in life! #shine with #RobertBeverley

Quicky mindful danceFLOW qigong/taichi

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl, Breathing, Hand Joint Mobility Massage & Patting Technique

Quicky Music Tutorial –

  • “O” (Hidden Track) – Coldplay/Chris Martin (Mindfullness/Meditation/Relaxation)
  • “Make Me Feel” by Janelle Monae (Cha Cha/Jive) and “1-2-3 / 1-2” vs. “1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3” pulsing patterns
  • “Dance with Me Tonight” by Ollu Murs (Authentic Rock’n’Roll, Jive or Triple Time Swing)

Quicky Latin Feet Styling Exercise

  • Feet Angling (Forward/Backward Exercise)
  • Cha Cha “Flat/Ball/Flat” Exercise Reminder & Basic Step applied to Rhythm
  • Jive Basic Step applied to Rhythm

Quicky fitness, music & dance #morningbreak at/from work with #RobertBeverley @danceScape ( Daily at 10.20 am (EST) Mon – Sat. Subscribe and tune in to new daily webisodes directly on our youtube page! #dancescapeTVLive #shallwedance?

shine with #RobertBeverley @danceScape

About danceScape
danceScape is more than just a Dance Club and Studio. We help people conquer their fear of dancing in public and regret about not learning to dance properly, so they can amplify their inner strength and express their authentic voice by moving to meaningful music. We inspire, empower and connect with others to laugh, be fit, make fun friends, and experience confidence, wellness, and romance through music and dance – specifically, Ballroom, Salsa/Latin, Swing/Jive, Wedding Dance, danceTONE fitness, danceFLOW qigong/taichi and Teacher Training.

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