dTVLive Ep 20191017 – Quicky Fitness/Music/Dance #Morningbreak with #RobertBeverley @danceScape

De-Stressing & Sleeping Exercise/Tips (Ohm Sound). Also, #Plantmusic #myplantchoir @PLANTChoir Exercise (from Dragons’ Den Canada) with “Lucinda”. Bongo Drums & Piano with Pentatonic Scale Test.

Welcome to danceScape’s NEW 10:20 a.m. daily #morningbreak show. Inspiring you to shine with confidence on the dance floor, at work, in business, and in life! #shine with #RobertBeverley @danceScape

Quicky mindful danceFLOW qigong/taichi
– Massaging & Spine Breathing using #myplantchoir
– Sleeping Exercise to Quiet Mind … “Ohm” Breathing Technique. Yin “Spiral” to Black Void/Emptiness Exercise
– @PlantChoir Test with “Lucinda” Gift Plant

Quicky Music Tutorial – Rumba Latin Pulse & Rhythm
– “I Love You 3000” by Stephanie Poetri
– “Someone You Loved” by NIcole Cross

Quicky Latin Feet Styling Exercise
– Diagonal Feet Position Exercise
– Rumba Cuban Motion Hip Exercise

#shine with #RobertBeverley @danceScape

About danceScape
danceScape is more than just a Dance Club and Studio. We help people conquer their fear of dancing in public and regret about not learning to dance properly, so they can amplify their inner strength and express their authentic voice by moving to meaningful music. We inspire, empower and connect with others to laugh, be fit, make fun friends, and experience confidence, wellness, and romance through music and dance – specifically, Ballroom, Salsa/Latin, Swing/Jive, Wedding Dance, danceTONE fitness, danceFLOW qigong/taichi and Teacher Training.

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