Ovarian Cancer can be Beaten. Meet danceScape Warrior Carol Eastwood (Episode 1)

“Unbelievable pain. My legs didn’t work. My skin shed. I lost my hair. Pain. I had no idea Chemo could cause so much pain. Your mind takes you to places you don’t want to go.”

Carol met Bob in high school.

Bob found Carol brash at their first meeting at their Church Young People’s Group.

She saw through her stength, and it was love at first sight.

A year ago, Carol had a pain on the right side. Then the news that she had Ovarian Cancer.

Watch Episode 1 of their story of love and determination…

Ovarian Cancer can be Beaten. The more you hear stories about Warrior students like Carol Eastwood and her husband Bob from the danceScape Community, the more you’ll recognize that we can inspire, learn and support each other through this journey called life. #shallwedance?

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