ParticipACTION: Get Inspired. Get Dancing!

ParticipACTION Television Commercial, “Get Inspired, Get Moving: Ballroom Dancing” featuring Robert Tang from danceScape in Burlington, Ontario. Robert and his wife Beverley are former 3-time Canadian and 2-time North American Undefeated Amateur Standard Ballroom Champions. The commercial aired on various television stations throughout Canada.

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Here is an excerpt from ParticipACTION:

“It was my parents, Aaron & Judy, who introduced me to Ballroom Dancing.I didn’t know it yet at the time, but also to my future wife, Beverley.

“My parents, sister and I immigrated to Canada in the early 1970s to escape from the political issues in Malaysia at the time.My father was a Ballroom Champion in his youth, and decided to revisit his passion by taking lessons in Waterdown, Ontario with my mother.When they decided to compete for their first time together at a competition in Kitchener, my sister and I decided to go to the event and cheer them on.It was there that I was introduced to Beverley and you could say, quickly became her “secret admirer”.

“For someone who has had to battle chronic shyness and dyslexia throughout my youth and adult life, Idiscovered a way to cope with those challenges through the sport of competitive Ballroom Dancing.When my voice wouldnt naturally say what my brain wanted, dancing was ideal for me because I could communicate non-verbally through facial expression and body movement.And the skill of leading a partner around the floor made it similar to a game of chess, so it provided a fun way to challenge my mind.

“Our hard work started to pay off, and ultimately resulted in our becoming 3-time Canadian and 2-time North American Undefeated Amateur Ballroom Champions.We represented Canada at five World Amateur Championships, competing in Denmark, Holland, Austria, Germany, and Japan.Having participated in other sports like Martial Arts, Tennis, and Track & Field, I was training and expending energy that was equivalent to what I did in those other sports.

“In 2001, my wife and I left our corporate jobs and began a new chapter of our lives as Ballroom Dance instructors. We’ve been teaching people to dance ever since, with students ranging from teens/youths, young adults, baby boomers and seniors.”

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