Podcast – Is the #music, #NO @Meghan_Trainor, a #Salsa or #ChaCha??? Listen for correct answer…

Hey everyone, it’s Robert & Beverley here from dancescape.com. Today’s song off the day came to mind when we dropped off our car yesterday at the service center. We asked for only 2 things … one was an “oil change” and the other was a “winter tire change”. When we looked at the work order they added a timing belt inspection, full service and a list of other things that if we had said yes, it would have totaled over $2,000. Listen to what we said in the Podcast!

Today’s song of the day is of course “NO” by Meghan trainer. Can you guess which Ballroom or Latin dance style this is?

If you said Salsa… you’re right. But if you also said Cha Cha, you’re also right! It can be danced in BOTH styles, although much slower for Salsa and faster for Cha Cha. Let’s go through the rhythm & Counts:

As a Salsa, it’s:
Quick Quick Slow
Quick Quick Slow
1-2-3, 5-6-7

As a Cha Cha, the count is
1-2-3, cha cha Cha, 2-3- Cha Cha-Cha
4&1, 23, 4&1, 23

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