dTVLive Ep 20190930 – Quicky Fitness/Music/Dance #Morningbreak with #RobertBeverley @danceScape

Take a quicky fitness, music & dance #morningbreak at/from work with #RobertBeverley @danceScape ( Daily at 10.20 am (EST) Mon – Sat. Subscribe and tune in to new daily webisodes directly on our youtube page! #dancescapeTVLive #shallwedance?

Welcome to danceScape’s NEW 10:20 a.m. daily #morningbreak show. Inspiring you to discover your inner rhythm so you can shine on the dance floor at social events, work, and in life! #shine with #RobertBeverley

Quicky danceFLOW qigong/taichi Breathing & Stretching Exercise at Work. Using Weights for muscle toning, especially for danceScape’s danceTONE fitness (medium to high cardio) and danceFLOW qigong/taichi (gentle stretching, pain/stress management, gentle cardio).

Quicky Music Tutorial
Vivir mi vida (Salsa,Merengue) – by Marc Anthony.

Inspired by Caitlyn & her Uncle Amando Рlearned Salsa for the first time for her Quincea̱era. Salsa Dance Crash Course!

Quicky Turning Exercise
Applying Last Week’s Tutorial Turning Exercise especially for danceScape Advanced Variations as well as Absolute Beginners Salsa Students

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