The Ballet Barre – The inevitable Ballet Basics

Kusha Alexi, principal at the legendary Hamburg Ballet, give you a highly informative and entertaining view of the basics in ballet


1. The five positions throughly explained both for arms and legs
2. All you need to take care of in plié
3. Battement tendu analyzed
4. Battement Dégagé (Battement Jeté) analyzed
5. Rond de jambe par terre and ron de jambe en l’air fully analyzed
6. Battement Fondu analyzed
7. Battement Frappé analyzed
8. En cloche taken appart
9. Adagio as a movement and in a combination
10. Grand battement analyzed
11. The most common balances in a barre, and how to do them
12. EXTRA, the four arabesque positions

With Kusha Alexi, every step at the barre will be clearer to you than ever before. This is the perfect complement to the full classes.


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